When Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

Sometimes it isn’t until the clouds part that we realize we have been missing the sun.

One year ago today, May 3rd 2012, it was likely the same weather as I am experiencing this evening – scattered rain showers. One year ago today I would have been in Glencoe, Scotland, and more than likely it was raining there.Although the thunder is rolling in and a magnificent lightning storm is capturing my attention, just a few hours earier I took some time after work to walk Captain Cootes’ trail at the Arboretum, Royal Botanical Gardens. Having encountered some rather expressive squirrels, ten hungry chipmunks, my eyes were actually set on the sunny colours and undulating song of the yellow warbler.  If you are at a loss for things to do this week I highly suggest taking 30 minutes out of your day to do this short 3km loop. You might also get a chance to see a Red Tailed Hawk dive for its lunch!

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