In the Name of Love

Venus is the Roman goddess of love. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Her daughter was Dione. This is the “mousetrap which caught Dione”.

Meet Dionaea muscipula or the Venus Flytrap. One of those leftovers from the Late Cretaceous period that has not changed for millennia.

I picked up this wee plant at a local garden centre about a month ago on a whim for $4.99. The trap was quite healthy with many leaves on its delicate rosette. But not having the conditions of Florida, this tropical plant didn’t keep its leaves with the first snowfall. I’ve tried quite hard to keep the grow light shining, and the heat up near the window, and even protect this delicate meat eater under a victorian cloche. Seems my patience is being rewarded – about a week ago I noticed some new growth and am absolutely thrilled! Only healthy Venus Flytraps produce flowers and it looks like I have one just in time for Valentine’s Day!

With a few active traps, I will have to find some food (spiders, beetles, flies) to nourish this plant and encourage it to seed. Trail and error has resulted in me preparing food for this youngster by pre-killing its food. The traps haven’t been quite strong enough to keep the critters in. So fingers crossed that the cobwebs in the corners have some fat spiders – I will keep you posted!

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