Glossary of Cosmetic and Food Ingredients – A is for …

It is usually impossible to find out exactly where some of our cosmetic compounds and fatty acids are derived from. Some come from plants, some from animals and many of them are synthesized as a petroleum by-product.

So what are all those words that we glaze over every day found in our cosmetics and foods? Where do they come from, are they natural or synthetic, are they plant or animal? The next few posts will focus on those unpronounceable words and hopefully give some insight into the things we put on our skin and in our bodies.

And where can you find them??


Applications/usesMethyl methacrylateAcrylic bone cements used in orthopaedic surgery; acrylic fibres, films, and inks; solvent-based adhesives and binders; medical spray adhesives; dental technology2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA)UV inks; adhesives; lacquers; dental materials; artificial nails; coating for scratch-resistant glass; paint resins; binders for textiles and paperEthyl acrylateAcrylic resin used in paint formulations, industrial coatings and latexes; acrylic rubber and plastics; denture materials; floor polishes, sealants; shoe polishes; adhesives; textiles and paper coatingsEthyleneglycol dimethacrylatePlastic bottles for soft drinks; dental materials; artificial nails; printing inks; automobile antifreeze and engine-cooling liquids


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