Healing Salves

Calendula and Lavender Healing Salve

Many people are intimidated with making salves, but it is quite easy once you break it down into steps.

As always, I have elected to do things the old fashioned way, using methods tested over the centuries. Cold oil infusions were prepared by pouring olive oil over dried plant material and left to sit on our window sill, heating up in the 40C in our horrible Ontario weather. As the plant material is dry, adding heat and being immersed in oil, the active ingredients which are housed behind cell walls are released into the oil. Patience has its values: 6 weeks later (or once you decide that sufficient time has elapsed) I strained the plant material through a cheesecloth extracting as much oil as possible (and surprisingly little on the counter) and blended my infusions over a double boiler with beeswax. Preparations were poured into stylish metal 1 oz tins and allowed to set. This recipe yielded 12 x 1 oz Healing Salves.

D’s remarks: “Smelled delicious, very soothing on the skin. Is it edible?”

Yes dear it is, but not meant for that.

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