Quiz 20: Can you name this medicinal herb?

Related to Lily-of-the-Valley, this Lilliaceae plant can be found in moist, woodland areas of Ontario. An herbaceous perennial with arching stems and bright-green, elliptic leaves, in early summer it bears white, bell-shaped flowers that are suspended beneath its leaves. Roots are the primary parts used  which contain Convallarin (also found in Lily-of-the-Valley, also Asparagin, gum, sugar, startch and pectin). It’s astringent and demulcent properties can be given in pulmonary consumption and internal bleeding in the lungs. Also useful for “female complaints”.

Caution should be taken for it’s other uses:

I’ve found that its growth is threatened by being out-competed by the invasive Garlic Mustard in my area. Bonus points for Latin name!

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