Quiz 24: Can you name this medicinal herb?

This post is for my co-worker Sherri who is growing a wonderful type of mint in her yard. If you look closely at her picture, we are looking at herbs on the right side of the bowl, margins crenate (rounded bumps) and some are upside down (light green). Take caution if you have never grown a mint, if it isn’t in a pot it will be there forever! It is classified as a “hardy perennial”. As not to give away too much I will give you the basics:

Sweet Melissa as it is sometimes called, will give a nice light lemony flavour. If you’d like to dry it, place it on paper towels in the sun tomorrow and it will dry by afternoon. The weather forecast for Royal Botanical Gardens is sunny all weekend! Great as a tea: to prepare I generally use 1 tsp dried leaves/cup.

This specific mint is used as a minor sedative, great after a meal to help with digestion or to quench your thirst on a sunny afternoon (iced), and as a great way to reduce anxiety (works well mixed with chamomile, lavender, valerian, skullcap, passion flower and hops, to help promote relaxation).

Can you name this medicinal herb? Bonus points for Latin name!

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