Quiz 26: Can you name this medicinal herb?

Source: http://www.actaplantarum.org/

My favourite part of summer is sitting in my comfy chair by the window listening to the gentle hush of the wind, and taking in the fresh smells of rain.

Unfortunately my joints, in this very damp weather, disagree.

So let us turn to herbology for an remedy! A natural pain killer which heralds from the daisy or Asteraceae family, can be found growing in backyard but is native to the mountains of Europe. Absent from the plains of continental Europe or the British Isles, this Asteraceae has particular needs as it favours growth over 9,800 ft and likes scree filled sites. I wonder if it would tolerate the Niagara Escarpment?

The active ingredient is Helenalin; an alkaloid found in the plant. this compound can not only heal for its anti-inflammatory effects but can reduce blood pressure.

Be careful though, if consumed in large amounts, this herb can cause severe gastroenteritis and internal bleeding of the digestive tract if enough material is ingested (we are talking gorging on dozens of plants). Oh, the whole plant is known to trigger skin irritations.

Can you name this medicinal herb? Bonus points for Latin name!

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