Grilled Apple, Onion and Cheese on Light Rye Bread

Earlier in the day on May 17th I had a hankering for grilled cheese sandwiches. My absolute favourite grilled cheese is a little something I made myself daily when I was living/working in a youth hostel in Scotland. Grilled apples, caramelized onions in butter and maple syrup and extra old white Canadian cheddar on light rye bread. My stomach is rumbling as we speak because these days I can have only the onion part of that sandwich. It’s a sad existence. But apparently I made this for dinner on May 17th (the one and only useful thing about Facebook: posting what you had for dinner). On May 17th I also found a tick in my nose. Didn’t think anything of it at the time (except telling everyone in the NIC) but I quickly dismissed it after my freak out and went on my merry way.

But as it happened, I was leading a Look, See, Paint! session with a group of grade 2s under the crabapples in the Arboretum. All was well, it was sunny with some clouds, cool, and I was wearing my favourite grey sweater. Oh, and the kids had a blast too. After clean up and lunch, so approximately 3:30pm, I sat down at reception and felt something in my nose. It was just on the edge so I rubbed my nose and found this little bastard:

Chaos ensued as I placed it on the counter and began the wiggle and jiggles up and down the building. My manager non-schontly walked by and quipped “oh someone found a tick”. Yeah, that was me – IN MY NOSE!

After I squished it with said sharpie it went into a bottle for safe keeping. TGIF!

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