Mixed Signals and Pet Therapy

Since seeing a naturopath (as I have had it with Ontario Health and bouncing from specialist to specialist) I have registered via electrodermal scan extremely high stress reactions related to Borrelia burgdorferi  and other Lyme’s Disease associates. I have been battling some very crazy gastrointestinal issues (I look 9 months pregnant after eating certain meals) and am now on a very restricted diet. Most importantly though, I have tested negative with Ontario Health for Lyme’s Disease (ELISA only) but the tick was POSITIVE.

On the advice of the ND I spent $600 (Thanks Mum!) and have sent blood samples to Igenex Inc. in California, the leading lab for Lyme’s Testing. I expect to hear from them mid-August.

In the mean time, I live day-to-day, trying to cope with the fact that this is what it is and learning how to sew. It takes my mind off life, and allows for many naps. 

Two weeks ago we finally added a new member to our ever growing family!  Meet our new pup-pup Sir Robert Burns of Wasaga, First Earl of Dundas! Ok, his name is actually, “Burnsey” and he is an English Springer Spaniel. He is my pet therapy! Since we have gotten him, I have forced myself on walks despite the fatigue (although sleeping right afterwards) but he has lifted my spirits too.

Oh those Spaniel eyes!

Combine those big browns with Dan’s starry blues and we have a winning combination. Thanks love for adopting Burnsey. I also made a matching tartan leash and collar.

Burnsey’s new tartan leash!

The Collar – I used the hardware from his previous worn collar.

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