Going egg-/ dairy-/ gluten-free? Deal with it.

For the past three months I have been experiencing some very strange and serious reactions, to well, we are not sure yet.  It seems that the Ontario health system and the Naturopath also agree that I have developed some incredible food sensitivities including a very inbalanced candidia problem. The food sensitivities are not limited to:

Now chocolate is on the list, but raw/roasted cacao beans aren’t. Thank goodness because I have 2 kg of beans in my cupboard left from our Chocolate exhibit two years ago. I am also relieved because I can have as much garlic and onions as I please.

In an attempt to create something to eat without cheating too much on my new diet I came up with the following:



Makes a dozen drop cookies that taste FANTASTIC!  They don’t really hold their shape, and are a wee bit too sweet but man then are GOOD! If you try this recipe, be sure to add your review and any tips on making them more cookie-like.

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