For Alyson Prokop, artist and owner of Geek+Tea, it has always been about plants.

“Plants are the most unbelievable organisms on our planet. They provide us with oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and inspiration for art, and hell, they can survive almost anything bringing life back to our Earth!"  


Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Geek+Tea, is a celebration of the beauty of plants and retro sci-fi mid-century art. Through stationery and old-fashioned correspondence, to home goods and well thought out custom blended organic teas, everything is made with care.

Our art is hand-printed and drawn for its whimsical and quirky designs, and Geek+Tea is the platform for those who love our "fantastic planet" to reach a broader audience. We believe a handwritten message that comes to you in the mailbox with a cup of tea, is the epitome of thoughtfulness.

Whether you are a store looking to carry a beautiful new card or art line, a friend looking to send a handwritten note and a shared cup of tea to your bestie, or someone who just likes to learn about the weird and wonderful world of botany, we have you covered.



Needless to say, in every way I am a tea geek because I am a botanist, which means I am a plant nerd. I know plants. I will prattle off latin names and forget the common ones, but I will also brew up a pot of tea and forget about it only to come back hours later to still enjoy a cuppa. I love searching for the rare and unique, but there are bagged teas I enjoy almost as much as my own creations.

So, when I am not wandering the forests identifying and gathering plants with Gandalf, Thorin and Gimli (yep, those are my pets), I are working at a botanical garden, going camping and hiking and listening to music with Bernard Purrmann and Jimmy Hendrix. My ringtone is the theme from Harry Potter, and I wish I lived in a Hobbit hole, so get to know us and you'll get to know why botany is awesome.