Because only life, the universe and everything requires a good cuppa. We want to make sure that you have high quality products, that are fun, unique and spark conversation.
We love you too! And yes, we want to talk to you. What you'll need to do is send us a message with an inquiry. Tell us who you are, your hobbies and your favourite fandom, and what you are looking for, and any important dates, like when you need it. We'll respond and let me know whether it is doable.

If you are looking for bulk orders, we can also do this. We have hundreds of minions (well a couple of friends and family) willing to pack things up for you. Give us an idea of what you are looking for. Just remember when shipping, consider that we are North of the Border in Canada and there may be delay times at the border and additional customs charges. We bill all shipping costs separate to your order and send registered through Canada Post.

We will need 3-4 weeks for large orders. Please contact us sooner rather than later as it takes time to package and order in supplies. We hate to be super rushed and would prefer to avoid 3am cram sessions. We are too old for that even though we are in our mid-30s. Everything is starting to feel old.
Hopefully some day! But at the moment we are not currently hiring. If you are looking for WOOFING (organic farming, not dog walking) experience send us your resume. We offer accommodation in exchange for farm work.
I am Alyson, I am the nerdy botanist, herbalist, grower, packer, website writer, photo-taker, brain child, tea overlord and potion maker.
My order hasn't arrived yet, when will it come?
When it gets there. Once the package has left our studio it is in the hands of the hardworking postal workers. And although great wars have been fought over tea, we prefer to Keep Calm and Put The Kettle On and keep the peace and ponder the meaning of life.
Generally speaking, once you email it is a few days later it arrives. The answer by the way is 42.