Quiz 28: Can you name this medicinal herb?

As you know I have been on a bit of a hiatus battling Lyme’s Disease. I am slowly gaining ground and my energy is slowly returning, which means less brain fog. Thank god! Being able to think clearly makes a world of difference.

Now one of the herbs I have been taking is quite a powerful little berry. It is a tundra plant, also found in northern Ontario on rocky outcrops, and is considered a dwarf shrub. It is often called “bear’s grape” when translated from ancient latin.

I am currently taking a tincture (liquid extract made from steeping the leaves in alcohol) as a natural supplement to the potent antibiotic I am on. 

Well my diet is seriously lacking potatoes (sugar feeds the bacterial Lymies) and high in sauerkraut (replenish lost good bacteria). But I think otherwise I have a very non-acidic diet. Next to no fruits (again sugars feed Lymies), but lots of organic greens, onions, squash and organic meats. I should love these too since, bears love to eat the berries!

Don’t cheat here is the citation and I didn’t take the second photo. It is from wikipedia (yeah, free commons).

So, can you name this medicinal herb? Bonus points for latin name!

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